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Mackinac Island Mackinac
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Mackinac Island
(pronounced mackinaw) is a tourist island situated between the upper and lower peninsulas of Michigan. The theme of the island is to maintain as much of a 19th century feel as possible. No cars are permitted on the island and transportation is by foot, by bike or by horse.

Grand HotelThe Grand Hotel is a huge (largest summer hotel in the world) resort opened in 1887. It is very formal (coat and tie required after 6p.m.) and strives to maintain the 19th century feel. The grounds are immaculate, and non-guests are discouraged from wandering about. This hotel was the set for the movie "Somewhere in time" with Christopher Reeves. www.grandhotel.com 
Horse drawn carriage rides, Bicycle rides With no cars, the only way to get around the island is to walk or rent a bike or to use a horse drawn carriage. Bikes can be rented in town and the entire island can be toured in only a few hours. There are also many tours via carriage and even horse drawn taxis. www.mackinac.com/rentals.html
Cottage InnThe cottage inn is a wonderful Bed and Breakfast we stayed at while on the island. The staff is great and the rooms each feature a theme. The location is only one block off main street and it is close to everything. www.cottageinnofmackinac.com
Main streetMain street is a place out of time, where the sounds of town are filled with the clop of horses and the sounds of bicycles. Even UPS delivers from a horse drawn carriage. www.mackinaclive.com
High speed ferryThere are several ferry companies that provide access to the island. Many are now jet powered high speed ferries that take only 15 minutes to get you from Michigan to the island. www.arnoldline.com


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