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Chicago Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the US, as such there is an amazing amount of things to see and do here. Summers are mild but winters can be brutal. Traveling is pretty safe in the downtown area during daylight hours and cabs are EVERYWHERE so getting around using your own car is not recommended from both a cost (parking can be $20 or more if you can find it) or from a navigation standpoint, as downtown Chicago is built on 2 levels and so any given address can exist on either the upper or lower streets. Chicago
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 Spirit Cruises
Navy Pier is an entertainment district in downtown Chicago. It used to be nothing more than a disused eyesore till 1989 when the city invested in a $200M renovation that turned it into the gathering place it is now. Along the pier are several water diversions including the SeaDog and Spirit Cruises.
Seadog is a wild high speed tour of the lakefront via thousand plus horsepower jetboats.
Spirit is a dinner boat with entertainment and a dance floor that slowly glides up the Chicago lakefront for spectacular views of the city.
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Navy Pier Spirit
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www.navypier.com EntertainmentCruises.com/Chicago
Sears Tower SkydeckThe Sears Tower
(soon to be renamed the Willis tower, don't ask)

has s skydeck 103 stories up and has just finished a cantilevered glass box that hangs out over the edge of the building that is called "The Ledge". From this glass box you can look down between your feet over a quarter of a mile to the street below!
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Museum of Science and Industry
Chicago has some of the best museums anywhere.
One of it's best is the Museum of Science and Industry.
Originally built for the Columbian exposition in 1893 this massive museum would take more than a full day to completely explore.

Science and Industry
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Natural History Museum, Shed Aquarium Downtown is a place called the museum campus.
This includes the Adler planetarium, Shed Aquarium and the museum of Natural History. They are all walking distance from each other and can be done in a day or two depending on how much you see.
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Michigan Avenue, American Girl Place.

North Michigan avenue is the upscale shopping district in downtown Chicago. Often called the magnificent mile, these stores would give Paris or rodeo drive a run for their money. Anchored to the north by the Water Tower (A 19th century stone water tower that was one of the few downtown buildings to survive the great Chicago fire of 1871) the neighboring water tower place mall is home to the American Girl Doll Place.

Michigan Ave.
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American Girl Place
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